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How to use a url shortener?

You can use the url shortener by adding your long url into the free field and push den send button. A short url by use e.g. allft.de/shorturl will show up afterwards.

Why you should use a url shortener?

When you will share your urls, a url shortener will provide you an convenient way to share your long url e.g., https://yourlongurl.com/yourwebsitename.html by e.g., allft.de/bacc.

Which URL shortener should you use?

With our url shortener we provide a free and easy to use url shortener to you.

Which URL shortener is the best?

We provide the best usability for our url shortener. Whenever you want it we remove your url from our server.

How a url shortener works?

A url shortener saves your long url, generates a short url and safes the short url. The url shortener directs the user from the short url to the long url.

How does a url shortener make money?

We finance the url shortener by showing you ads.

Is a url shortener safe?

We save your long url and short url as long as you want. Our server have a high security standard and are located in Germany.

Our Service

We build a free, fast and safe url shortener

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The url shortener is free of any charge. We finance the url shortener completly from ads.

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The url shortener is fast and easy to use. We provide the best usability for our url shortener.

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The url shortener shorten the url by generating a hash code. We redirect your url until you want it. Please let us know when we should remove it.